Faerun is in turmoil. The avatar of Tian Xia has been murdered and the balance of Toril has been sent spiraling out of the Deities’ control. The very fabric of the realms has begun a transformation and the Gods have felt a disruption in their portfolios and have sent out their Chosen to investigate. Rumors of “new” gods have been whispered across the lands and even the sightings of new land masses or islands that have seemingly sprung from the earth. Maps of the areas have also altered without contact, as if the lands had always existed and the people’s memory was all that is at fault. Oracles speak of some strange name, Golarion Convergence. Most believe the only one who can put the world back in balance is the next Avatar, The Jade Avatar.

This is a Forgotten Realms Campaign set in Faerun, but as it is played with Pathfinder Rules it is slowly being converted to that setting.

The Jade Avatar

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