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A Murder of Crows

The caravan moved north into the lands of the Great Glacier. The group members began to become more familiar with each other and learned of each other’s pasts. For the most part the journey north was largely uneventful, save for a few wild beasts tailing the caravan before losing interest and moving on to easier prey.

The group did notice a large ‘murder’ of crow and ravens frequently observing the caravan and in particular a large raven with blood red feather tips amongst the birds.

Before crossing the bridge of Skalsgar, the caravan found the large raven sitting a top the bridge, as if a forewarning. Just then a group of raiders ran from the ridge line of the river banks and attacked the caravan.

A fierce battle esued and all but a few of the raiders lost their lives, the others boarded their ship and set sail as fast as they could, but not before Bramblewine saw the name of the ship, Asvig’s Hammer.

Once again the group began the journey to the city of Kalsgard. Arriving in town then again noticed the large group of ravens tailing them. The caravan set camp and the group split up to investigate.

Bramblewine and Din set off for a local tavern, The Horn’s Mead and saw that they were being followed by a shadowy figure. Once at the tavern they met a ruff bartender whom after Din slipping him some gold, began to waggle his tongue and gave them information on the group of raiders that had the gold arm bands, their leader – Asvig Longthews and his wife Helva, he also tells them that although the party has only been in town a couple hours, others have already been asking about them, “who they are, where they came from, where they are staying, what their business in town is”, and so forth.

He told them they could gain more information from Goti the sorcerer and they set off to find her. Only to find an empty home, but a friendly local half-giant said he could show them around town and possibly help them in their searches.

Gravel and Durson on the otherside of town ran into trouble as they had tried to force the captured raider to show them where they were from, only to watch the raider die from from unseen magic geas.

They tried to take the lifeless body to the local authorities, only to be stopped and harassed by the town guard. They soon explained their situation and were released to find their friends.

Chang and Xedeti also had acquired some information on Asvigs Hammer, belonging to a local merchant trading guild.

They all regrouped and returned to the local tavern to procue rooms for the night and a hot meal. While drinking and discussing all that they had seen as well as meeting their new half-giant friend a drunkard named Gorvald approached Bramblewine. He demanded weregild for the lose of his hunting dog! He wanted Bramblewine to pay him 50gp for the killing of his dog. He was adamant about the elf having slayed his dog and wanted payment. Bramblewine assured him he did no such thing and said he would never pay him for the animal. With that the drunkard raged and began swinging. He drew forth his battleaxe and swore a blood feud against the elf.

Battle ensued and in the mix Durson lost his ear by accident to the dragon. And in the end the drunkard was put down, but not killed. He was drug out of the tavern and the group settled back in and healed their wounds.

At that time a waitress brought over food for the group sent over by the drunkards ‘family’ as an apology. The food was appreciated, but as the night began to linger on the group began to feel ill. As they went to their rooms for the evening they all noticed great pains in their chest s and trouble with breathing. Most survived this poison, but the half-giant passed away from suffocation as well as Din and her fox that had partaken of the stew as well.

It was determined that the party would allocate a resurrection from the Amatatsu Seal to bring life back to Din. The party would rest and begin the ritual the next morning, but unfortunatley the half-giant and Din’s fox would be unable to return to this life.



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