The Jade Avatar

Death of Ravenscar

The group of adventures set fire to the prier boat after removing the family heirloom sword, Suishen and the ulfen helm. They returned to Asvig’s farm house to rest for the evening, but while Gravel was on watch his keen perception skills noticed the sounds of crackling flames. Gravel and the majority of the party attempted to escape through the rear door. After a couple mighty blows the rear door was broke open. Even though the party was free from the house when the reach the fresh air they were assaulted by arrows from men in dark armor slinking in the shadows like cowards do. while the battle insued chang and Deroy finally join the fray. Multiple ninjas awaited them and sprung in to attack. A fifth ninja appeared from hiding throwing flaming shuirikens at the Avatar and used the Deadly Kiss blade against him.

The group took down the cowards but they relised that they were out in the elements without shelter. The blizzard was approaching and they made haste to the city for shelter. Vorn, the cleric of Tempest allowed them to take shelter in the temple.

In the morning they were heading to Tian temple in hopes the cleric there would be able to scry thier lost comrad and they were also in search of the guild who would take them across the crown of the world. As they neared the temple they heard the sounds of battle coming from that direction. When they arrived an earth elemental was laying waste tof the temple. The party sprung into action taking down the beast and rescuing the fat Tian.

They administered healing to the cleric/monk and he told them he was attacked by Thorborg when she found he was hiding Ulf Gormundr from her. He was hiding the Ulf, because he was witness to Thorborgs agents kidnapping of an elf! She attacked the cleric/monk and beat Gormundr into a stupor. Slung him over her shoulder and ran off to her mountain castle.

The group then made their way up the mountain side to the staircase. Reaching the top Gravel informed the guards thier doom had arrived. When he overheard the guards debating whether to sound the alarm he took action begining to bust the door down. As the rest of the party began making thier way to the door the guards collapse the stair way Reacting in an instant Vorn and Deroy barely clung to the edge only the hand of thier diety kept them from falling to thier death.

Gravel then chopped the door in and a battle ensued with the guards. The group had just defeated the remaining guard when a large red bearded man ran off from the back of the room down a set of stairs. Gravel led the group into another advantages situation, to him, however the rest of the party thought otherwise. As they entered the other room an ambush awaiting them.

The large man was none other than Jorgan the Axe and he was a werebear! He transformed and battle began. Gravel was unable to hurt Jorgan much and moved to engage Thorburg after her true for was revealed. Also waiting with her were four trained Frozen Shadow Monks. During the battle she revealed her true nature as an Ogre-Mage. Gravel knew Jorgan would be taken down since his dwarven brothers had him engaged in melee. As Thorburg struck gravel with blows that would have felled lesser foes only Vorns healing kept him in the fight. Durson was able to issue a challenge to thorburg which she was compelled to do. The party was under no such restrictions and fell over her destroying her.

The battle was very close, but in the end the group of heroes won and claimed Thorbrgs treasures for their own. They also found Bramblewine as he had escaped his cell but without his chemical components was wise enough to stay out of the way. And lucky chance had it that the guilde they were looking for, Gormunder, who had been held captive was also freed. He informed the group that another ‘purple’ skinned being had been planning Thorburgs evil deeds, including the kidnappings and taking over the of Rimrunners Guild, but that the purple one left earlier that day to return over the crown of the world to Tian Xia and to the throne of Minkai.

And now that the party is complete the purple one will only live as long as it takes the party to find him.



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