The Jade Avatar

In the Vaults of Destiny

The group descended down the spiral staircase inside the armory to the lower level below Changs grandfather’s manor. There they found a natural cavern with murals painted along the walls. They recalled a dream Chang had had and found a 10 tentacled beast awaiting them. They fought and killed the strange creature and found a key with its grasp.

The key unlocked a portcullis at the end of a hallway in a secret passage that Bramblewine found in the back of the cavern. Inside they found two vault doors, but as they moved to one door the dust kicked up and a spirit ghost appeared. Chang stepped forward and spoke his grandfather’s name as he recognized the Tian man.

He pointed to the second vault door and told them to take the Seal far away from this place as it was not secured anymore. They had no idea what the Seal was, but the spirit faded away as his heir entered. Chang was able to open the vault door and inside were three wooden chests of magic. Each chest could collapse into the size of a ring box and inside had extra dimensional spaces with many magical items inside. An array of magical items from the Kajitsu family were found, the Figurine of Antaries, the Dancing Wasp blade, and in the central box held the Warding Box. Found within the box was a dragon statuette of the Amatatsu Seal (a potent artifact, one capable of altering destiny and changing the course of nations).

When the Warding box was opened a shockwave emanated and almost knocked everyone to the floor. The magic branded everyone around Chang with a green tattoo around their wrists of a jade dragon. Amatatsu Seal immediately marked each character as an agent of the family, turning them into Amatatsu scions. Within moments of the tattoo appearing they all blacked out and experience a rapid series of visions.

In the visions, the group saw an army of terrible fiends—with burning skin, glaring eyes, and sharp tusks, wearing strange armor and wielding exotic weapons—emerge in a storm from a vast forest, then descend upon a nation populated by Tian people. This vision is swiftly followed by another: a young woman dressed in royal robes stands over a simple water well, a friend at her side. Suddenly, the friend grows nearly three times in size and is sheathed in a frightening suit of jade armor. The jade warrior draws a sword and strikes down his royal friend, and then holds the bloody sword aloft in triumph.

A third vision follows, this time of a young Tian man (Chang’s grandfather) handing a beautiful sword to a richly dressed Northman in exchange for a bag of gold. Finally, this vision fades, and they see their friend Chang waking from a deep sleep, but he is dressed in the finery of an emperor. He rises from sleep from a resting spot within the arms of a jade throne and begins to wield four elements of air, water, fire and earth. These visions pass in the span of a few heartbeats, and after they do, they impart knowledge to the group’s minds. The group knows that the land they saw invaded by fiends was Minkai, that the man they saw murdered by the jade warrior was Emperoress Korra Shigure of Minkai, the last Avatar and Water Element Master, who brought together the nations of Tian to peace. They know that Chang Kaijitsu’s true family name is Amatatsu, one of the five royal families of Minkai—indeed, the last surviving royal family. They recognize the young Tian man with the sword as Chang’s grandfather, Rokuro Kaijitsu, formerly Amatatsu Tsutoku, selling the family’s legendary sword Suishen to the Northern Ulutiun (a tribesmen from the Great Glacier) merchant named Fynn Snaevald in the city of Kalsgard to finance his family’s flight and exile.

They also know that Suishen is intelligent, and can impart much more knowledge of the Amatatsu family’s legacy if recovered. Further, they know that Chang himself is the heir of his line and the reincarration of the Avatar, The Jade Avatar. Finally, they know all of the powers and abilities of both the Amatatsu Seal and its warding box— including the danger of leaving the warding box open, which would allow the enemies, his grandfather spoke of in his letter, to once more track the Amatatsu Seal.



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