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Into the Lion's Den

The night after the party fought Gorvald, they awoke to find Din, her fox and the new half giant friend all dead. Bramblewine inspects the victims and notices a faint smell and recognizes it as hemlock, a poison. Gravel’s first choice was to burn the place to the ground even though the poison added a little spice to the food and barely gave him a upset stomach.

The party went to the kitchen of the tavern and inspected it, finding that the cook’s, a most intelligent fellow, spices have been replaced with the poison. They find that the cook had no idea and then decide to go to Gorvald to question him. When they reach his home they are ambushed by a sniper. They fight her upon the roof top and finally knock her unconscious. They tie her up and drag her to Gordvald. Gravel chops down Gorvald’s door and finds Gordvald only gravels quick ax and even quicker tongue helped finish the fight quickly. They battle the barbarian once again and defeat him. They drag in the sniper and wake her as Gordval recovers from his new injuries.

Waking the sniper they find her name is Hekja and she was hired for 500gold to try and kill at least one of the party. She states she was hired by Jorgan the Axe. She states that he frequents the seedy tavern on the dock ward. Gravel insist on cutting of her hand but chang and his kid glove attitude is against it.

Gravel wakens Gordvald and they come to a mutual understanding about who actually told Gordvald that the party was responsible for his dogs death. Jorgan the Axe told him! the party agrees to avenge Gordvalds wereguild by proxie.

The party heads to the tavern, chucking the amature sniper into the middle of the room but did not get the response they were looking for. The search for Jorgan comes up empty however they find that he hasn’t been seen lately, but that he lives in a local gang’s hangout. Investigating the hangout they find no sign of them and burn it to the ground before retiring for the evening.

They arrange watch guard and on 3rd watch Bramblewine turns up missing. They search for him and only find a black feather and heel marks drug through the snowy streets.

As they go in search for him they pass by and locate Fynn the merchant. They discuss with him his possession of the ancient family sword Suishen. He admits to having purchased it from Chang’s grandfather, but that it was recently stolen from him in a brutal robbery that left 2 of his servants dead. He states that he allows them to be proxies of his blood vengeance, the list is stacking up, upon these robbers if they should ever find them and as a reward for his honor they may keep the sword, like we would give back changs dynasty. He also informs them that one of his dieing servants stated in his last breath, “paying the Lion’s due” and that Asvig Longthews uses the Lion as his symbol.

They head to Asvig’s farm and passing through two lion pillars are attacked by summoned Lions. During the battle Gravel ran to the door and attempted to break it open but he was made of sturdy dwarven stone so he charged back to the lions. The doors then burst open and out pored the barbarians of asvigs lions. Asvig and his wife Helva also accompanied their men and entered into the battle.

Luckily the party hired a local barbarian cleric to accompany them named Vorn and the church,trying to rid themselves of an obnoxious dwarf fighter, Deroy, along with Vorn to help him in his task. After finally getting his timing down Gravel was able to fell several of the Barbarians and charge toward the queen thowing a hammer crushing her skull. Deroy arrived at the end of the battle and was able to oil his sword with the blood of the already dying king. After survaing the battle field Gravel says “I could feel thier bones crushing under my blows. Its amazing these mortals even attempt to enter my realm”

Later the party found that Suishen was indeed stolen by Asvig. He told them were to find the sword and that he wished to die, but was sullen that he had not died in combat. Hearing this Deroy was fast to volunteer to challenege the barbarian to a dule to the death. Asvig and Deroy squared off and the battle began, it was a fierce combat, but in the end the experienced Asvig drew first blood and took down the young dwarf.

Tired, bloody and depressed, Chang jumped in and killed the barbarian leader. They took his body to the riverside and found the sword in the riverboat pyer set for Asvig’s old Jarl. On board they found not only the sword of Chang’s family but the old Jarl’s Helm.

As night fell they chose to camp in the farm house for the evening and rest.



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