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Toph Bei Fong Kaijitsu was the only child of the wealthy Bei Fong family. Born blind, she was sheltered by parents who believed her blindness made her fragile and incapable of looking after herself. They went to extreme measures to protect her, including hiding her existence from the rest of the world, which resulted in no one knowing that the Bei Fong family even had a daughter.

Poppy and Lao Bei Fong expected their daughter to be well-mannered and proper due to their noble status in Tian Xia society; while she usually wore her green and pale yellow belted tunic and pants, at home Toph wore a floor-touching white petticoat dress, with long teal sleeves, a flower printed bodice, a long sash along the back, and a small, tiara-like headband with pink and white flowers on it. Toph, resenting her parents’ treatment, grew up hard and rebellious. At the age of six, she ran away from home into a cave inhabited by badgermoles.

Badgermoles were the first earth element masters and according to Toph, she understood them, and they understood her because they were both blind. She learned to be an earth master by imitating their movements. Toph learned to “see” through the use of her earth katas, feeling people and other objects through their vibrations, which she feels through the ground via her bare feet

She also developed a great sense of hearing. She became such a powerful element master that she secretly entered underground tournaments as the Blind Bandit, and was actually the champion of Earth Rumble more than once. When she met the last air master and avatar Aang, she soon ran away to teach him earth mastery, but also to get away from her parents, who never gave her any freedom

20 years later, after the element war in Tian Xia was long ended, Toph adventured out and eventually made her way to the west and into Faerun. She settled in Irongate and met a fellow Tian named Rikimaru at his grand opening of his tavern and tea shop, The Rusty Katana.

Toph, fell for the odd Tian and found they had similar personalities. They soon wed and eventually had a boy child, Chang. Toph’s passion for element mastery soon saw Chang as her student. She had hopes she would found an academy for the art of Earth Element Mastery.

She and Rikimaru disappeared the night the Rusty Katana had exploded.

Earth Sifu Kaijitsu

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