Figurine of Antaries


These figurines usually come in pairs and they become normal adult male lions. This particular item is unique in that its a single prehistoric spotten lion of great power and of particular intelligence mixed with an astral planar ramcat. If slain in combat, he cannot be brought back from statuette form for 1 full week. Otherwise, he can be used once per day for up to 1 hour. He will enlarge and shrink upon speaking the command word (his name). If demanded to stay/go or to do an action against his will he may make an apposed check of his Will save versus the Figurines possessor’s Cha + d20
Moderate transmutation; CL 13th
Augmented Male Half Prehistoric Spotten Lion/ Half Astral Planar Ramcat
N Large magical beast (extraplanar)
Init + 8, Senses Darkvision 60’, Low-Light Vision, Scent, Perception + 10
AC 18, touch 13, flat-footed 12 (+ 4 Dex, – 1 size, + 5 natural)
hp 42 (5d8+ 20)
Fort + 8, Ref + 8, Will + 3
Spd 40 ft.
Melee Bite (Lion) + 9 (1d10+ 7/20/x2) and
Claw x2 (Lion) + 9 x2 (1d4+ 7/20/x2) and
Gore + 9 (1d6 + 7/20/x2)
Rake x2 (Lion) + 9 x2 (1d4+ 7/20/x2)
Space 10 ft. Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks Grab, Pounce
Str 25, Dex 19, Con 18, Int 6, Wis 15, Cha 10
Base Atk + 3 CMB + 11 (+ 15 Grappling) CMD 25 (29 vs. Trip)
Feats Improved Initiative, Run, Skill Focus: Perception
Skills Acrobatics + 12, Perception + 10, Stealth + 9 Modifiers + 4 Stealth in undergrowth

Magic Strike (Ex) This ability allows Antaries to treat his natural weapons as cold iron, silver, magic, and good-aligned.
Tricks (Ex) Antaries knows the following ten tricks, as described under the Handle Animal skill: attack, come, defend, down, fetch, guard, and heel, seek, stay, and track.
Share Spells (Ex) As a former animal companion, Antaries retained his ability to share the spells his master casted. At his master’s option, he may have any spell his master casts upon himself also affect him so long as he is within 10 feet. Additionally, his master may cast a spell with a target of “You” on Antaries instead of on himself.
+ 4 Stealth in undergrowth (Ex) You gain a bonus to Stealth Checks under the listed conditions.
Grab (Large) (Ex) You can start a grapple as a free action if you hit with the designated weapon.
Pounce (Ex) You can make a full attack as part of a charge.
Run You run faster than normal.
Scent (Ex) Detect opponents within 15 + feet by sense of smell.


The figure of Antaries was crafted by a half demon/half celestial whom had been outcasted from his mothers angelic plane. Antaries was crafted as an animal compainion to this creature, whos name is lost to the ages. He sculpted Anteries out of Noqual (also known as Skymetal) – a metal that looks pale green like crystalline to the untrained eye. Despite its appearance the stuff can be worked as iron. Noqual is light, half as heavy as iron, yet as strong as the same. More importantly, noqual is strangely resistant to magic. An object made of noqual gains a + 4 bonus on any saving throw made against magical sources. Creating a magic item that incorporates any amount of noqual into it increases the price of creation by 5,000 gp, as costly reagents and alchemical supplies must be used to treat the metal during the process.

Noqual has 30 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 10.

Each of the several kinds of figurines of wondrous power appears to be a miniature statuette of a creature an inch or so high (with one exception). When the figurine is tossed down and the correct command word spoken, it becomes a living creature. The creature obeys and serves its owner. If a figurine of wondrous power is broken or destroyed in its statuette form, it is forever ruined. All magic is lost, its power departed. If slain in animal form, the figurine simply reverts to a statuette that can be used again at a later time.

Figurine of Antaries

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