The Jade Avatar

Death of Ravenscar

The group of adventures set fire to the prier boat after removing the family heirloom sword, Suishen and the ulfen helm. They returned to Asvig’s farm house to rest for the evening, but while Gravel was on watch his keen perception skills noticed the sounds of crackling flames. Gravel and the majority of the party attempted to escape through the rear door. After a couple mighty blows the rear door was broke open. Even though the party was free from the house when the reach the fresh air they were assaulted by arrows from men in dark armor slinking in the shadows like cowards do. while the battle insued chang and Deroy finally join the fray. Multiple ninjas awaited them and sprung in to attack. A fifth ninja appeared from hiding throwing flaming shuirikens at the Avatar and used the Deadly Kiss blade against him.

The group took down the cowards but they relised that they were out in the elements without shelter. The blizzard was approaching and they made haste to the city for shelter. Vorn, the cleric of Tempest allowed them to take shelter in the temple.

In the morning they were heading to Tian temple in hopes the cleric there would be able to scry thier lost comrad and they were also in search of the guild who would take them across the crown of the world. As they neared the temple they heard the sounds of battle coming from that direction. When they arrived an earth elemental was laying waste tof the temple. The party sprung into action taking down the beast and rescuing the fat Tian.

They administered healing to the cleric/monk and he told them he was attacked by Thorborg when she found he was hiding Ulf Gormundr from her. He was hiding the Ulf, because he was witness to Thorborgs agents kidnapping of an elf! She attacked the cleric/monk and beat Gormundr into a stupor. Slung him over her shoulder and ran off to her mountain castle.

The group then made their way up the mountain side to the staircase. Reaching the top Gravel informed the guards thier doom had arrived. When he overheard the guards debating whether to sound the alarm he took action begining to bust the door down. As the rest of the party began making thier way to the door the guards collapse the stair way Reacting in an instant Vorn and Deroy barely clung to the edge only the hand of thier diety kept them from falling to thier death.

Gravel then chopped the door in and a battle ensued with the guards. The group had just defeated the remaining guard when a large red bearded man ran off from the back of the room down a set of stairs. Gravel led the group into another advantages situation, to him, however the rest of the party thought otherwise. As they entered the other room an ambush awaiting them.

The large man was none other than Jorgan the Axe and he was a werebear! He transformed and battle began. Gravel was unable to hurt Jorgan much and moved to engage Thorburg after her true for was revealed. Also waiting with her were four trained Frozen Shadow Monks. During the battle she revealed her true nature as an Ogre-Mage. Gravel knew Jorgan would be taken down since his dwarven brothers had him engaged in melee. As Thorburg struck gravel with blows that would have felled lesser foes only Vorns healing kept him in the fight. Durson was able to issue a challenge to thorburg which she was compelled to do. The party was under no such restrictions and fell over her destroying her.

The battle was very close, but in the end the group of heroes won and claimed Thorbrgs treasures for their own. They also found Bramblewine as he had escaped his cell but without his chemical components was wise enough to stay out of the way. And lucky chance had it that the guilde they were looking for, Gormunder, who had been held captive was also freed. He informed the group that another ‘purple’ skinned being had been planning Thorburgs evil deeds, including the kidnappings and taking over the of Rimrunners Guild, but that the purple one left earlier that day to return over the crown of the world to Tian Xia and to the throne of Minkai.

And now that the party is complete the purple one will only live as long as it takes the party to find him.

Into the Lion's Den

The night after the party fought Gorvald, they awoke to find Din, her fox and the new half giant friend all dead. Bramblewine inspects the victims and notices a faint smell and recognizes it as hemlock, a poison. Gravel’s first choice was to burn the place to the ground even though the poison added a little spice to the food and barely gave him a upset stomach.

The party went to the kitchen of the tavern and inspected it, finding that the cook’s, a most intelligent fellow, spices have been replaced with the poison. They find that the cook had no idea and then decide to go to Gorvald to question him. When they reach his home they are ambushed by a sniper. They fight her upon the roof top and finally knock her unconscious. They tie her up and drag her to Gordvald. Gravel chops down Gorvald’s door and finds Gordvald only gravels quick ax and even quicker tongue helped finish the fight quickly. They battle the barbarian once again and defeat him. They drag in the sniper and wake her as Gordval recovers from his new injuries.

Waking the sniper they find her name is Hekja and she was hired for 500gold to try and kill at least one of the party. She states she was hired by Jorgan the Axe. She states that he frequents the seedy tavern on the dock ward. Gravel insist on cutting of her hand but chang and his kid glove attitude is against it.

Gravel wakens Gordvald and they come to a mutual understanding about who actually told Gordvald that the party was responsible for his dogs death. Jorgan the Axe told him! the party agrees to avenge Gordvalds wereguild by proxie.

The party heads to the tavern, chucking the amature sniper into the middle of the room but did not get the response they were looking for. The search for Jorgan comes up empty however they find that he hasn’t been seen lately, but that he lives in a local gang’s hangout. Investigating the hangout they find no sign of them and burn it to the ground before retiring for the evening.

They arrange watch guard and on 3rd watch Bramblewine turns up missing. They search for him and only find a black feather and heel marks drug through the snowy streets.

As they go in search for him they pass by and locate Fynn the merchant. They discuss with him his possession of the ancient family sword Suishen. He admits to having purchased it from Chang’s grandfather, but that it was recently stolen from him in a brutal robbery that left 2 of his servants dead. He states that he allows them to be proxies of his blood vengeance, the list is stacking up, upon these robbers if they should ever find them and as a reward for his honor they may keep the sword, like we would give back changs dynasty. He also informs them that one of his dieing servants stated in his last breath, “paying the Lion’s due” and that Asvig Longthews uses the Lion as his symbol.

They head to Asvig’s farm and passing through two lion pillars are attacked by summoned Lions. During the battle Gravel ran to the door and attempted to break it open but he was made of sturdy dwarven stone so he charged back to the lions. The doors then burst open and out pored the barbarians of asvigs lions. Asvig and his wife Helva also accompanied their men and entered into the battle.

Luckily the party hired a local barbarian cleric to accompany them named Vorn and the church,trying to rid themselves of an obnoxious dwarf fighter, Deroy, along with Vorn to help him in his task. After finally getting his timing down Gravel was able to fell several of the Barbarians and charge toward the queen thowing a hammer crushing her skull. Deroy arrived at the end of the battle and was able to oil his sword with the blood of the already dying king. After survaing the battle field Gravel says “I could feel thier bones crushing under my blows. Its amazing these mortals even attempt to enter my realm”

Later the party found that Suishen was indeed stolen by Asvig. He told them were to find the sword and that he wished to die, but was sullen that he had not died in combat. Hearing this Deroy was fast to volunteer to challenege the barbarian to a dule to the death. Asvig and Deroy squared off and the battle began, it was a fierce combat, but in the end the experienced Asvig drew first blood and took down the young dwarf.

Tired, bloody and depressed, Chang jumped in and killed the barbarian leader. They took his body to the riverside and found the sword in the riverboat pyer set for Asvig’s old Jarl. On board they found not only the sword of Chang’s family but the old Jarl’s Helm.

As night fell they chose to camp in the farm house for the evening and rest.

A Murder of Crows

The caravan moved north into the lands of the Great Glacier. The group members began to become more familiar with each other and learned of each other’s pasts. For the most part the journey north was largely uneventful, save for a few wild beasts tailing the caravan before losing interest and moving on to easier prey.

The group did notice a large ‘murder’ of crow and ravens frequently observing the caravan and in particular a large raven with blood red feather tips amongst the birds.

Before crossing the bridge of Skalsgar, the caravan found the large raven sitting a top the bridge, as if a forewarning. Just then a group of raiders ran from the ridge line of the river banks and attacked the caravan.

A fierce battle esued and all but a few of the raiders lost their lives, the others boarded their ship and set sail as fast as they could, but not before Bramblewine saw the name of the ship, Asvig’s Hammer.

Once again the group began the journey to the city of Kalsgard. Arriving in town then again noticed the large group of ravens tailing them. The caravan set camp and the group split up to investigate.

Bramblewine and Din set off for a local tavern, The Horn’s Mead and saw that they were being followed by a shadowy figure. Once at the tavern they met a ruff bartender whom after Din slipping him some gold, began to waggle his tongue and gave them information on the group of raiders that had the gold arm bands, their leader – Asvig Longthews and his wife Helva, he also tells them that although the party has only been in town a couple hours, others have already been asking about them, “who they are, where they came from, where they are staying, what their business in town is”, and so forth.

He told them they could gain more information from Goti the sorcerer and they set off to find her. Only to find an empty home, but a friendly local half-giant said he could show them around town and possibly help them in their searches.

Gravel and Durson on the otherside of town ran into trouble as they had tried to force the captured raider to show them where they were from, only to watch the raider die from from unseen magic geas.

They tried to take the lifeless body to the local authorities, only to be stopped and harassed by the town guard. They soon explained their situation and were released to find their friends.

Chang and Xedeti also had acquired some information on Asvigs Hammer, belonging to a local merchant trading guild.

They all regrouped and returned to the local tavern to procue rooms for the night and a hot meal. While drinking and discussing all that they had seen as well as meeting their new half-giant friend a drunkard named Gorvald approached Bramblewine. He demanded weregild for the lose of his hunting dog! He wanted Bramblewine to pay him 50gp for the killing of his dog. He was adamant about the elf having slayed his dog and wanted payment. Bramblewine assured him he did no such thing and said he would never pay him for the animal. With that the drunkard raged and began swinging. He drew forth his battleaxe and swore a blood feud against the elf.

Battle ensued and in the mix Durson lost his ear by accident to the dragon. And in the end the drunkard was put down, but not killed. He was drug out of the tavern and the group settled back in and healed their wounds.

At that time a waitress brought over food for the group sent over by the drunkards ‘family’ as an apology. The food was appreciated, but as the night began to linger on the group began to feel ill. As they went to their rooms for the evening they all noticed great pains in their chest s and trouble with breathing. Most survived this poison, but the half-giant passed away from suffocation as well as Din and her fox that had partaken of the stew as well.

It was determined that the party would allocate a resurrection from the Amatatsu Seal to bring life back to Din. The party would rest and begin the ritual the next morning, but unfortunatley the half-giant and Din’s fox would be unable to return to this life.

In the Vaults of Destiny

The group descended down the spiral staircase inside the armory to the lower level below Changs grandfather’s manor. There they found a natural cavern with murals painted along the walls. They recalled a dream Chang had had and found a 10 tentacled beast awaiting them. They fought and killed the strange creature and found a key with its grasp.

The key unlocked a portcullis at the end of a hallway in a secret passage that Bramblewine found in the back of the cavern. Inside they found two vault doors, but as they moved to one door the dust kicked up and a spirit ghost appeared. Chang stepped forward and spoke his grandfather’s name as he recognized the Tian man.

He pointed to the second vault door and told them to take the Seal far away from this place as it was not secured anymore. They had no idea what the Seal was, but the spirit faded away as his heir entered. Chang was able to open the vault door and inside were three wooden chests of magic. Each chest could collapse into the size of a ring box and inside had extra dimensional spaces with many magical items inside. An array of magical items from the Kajitsu family were found, the Figurine of Antaries, the Dancing Wasp blade, and in the central box held the Warding Box. Found within the box was a dragon statuette of the Amatatsu Seal (a potent artifact, one capable of altering destiny and changing the course of nations).

When the Warding box was opened a shockwave emanated and almost knocked everyone to the floor. The magic branded everyone around Chang with a green tattoo around their wrists of a jade dragon. Amatatsu Seal immediately marked each character as an agent of the family, turning them into Amatatsu scions. Within moments of the tattoo appearing they all blacked out and experience a rapid series of visions.

In the visions, the group saw an army of terrible fiends—with burning skin, glaring eyes, and sharp tusks, wearing strange armor and wielding exotic weapons—emerge in a storm from a vast forest, then descend upon a nation populated by Tian people. This vision is swiftly followed by another: a young woman dressed in royal robes stands over a simple water well, a friend at her side. Suddenly, the friend grows nearly three times in size and is sheathed in a frightening suit of jade armor. The jade warrior draws a sword and strikes down his royal friend, and then holds the bloody sword aloft in triumph.

A third vision follows, this time of a young Tian man (Chang’s grandfather) handing a beautiful sword to a richly dressed Northman in exchange for a bag of gold. Finally, this vision fades, and they see their friend Chang waking from a deep sleep, but he is dressed in the finery of an emperor. He rises from sleep from a resting spot within the arms of a jade throne and begins to wield four elements of air, water, fire and earth. These visions pass in the span of a few heartbeats, and after they do, they impart knowledge to the group’s minds. The group knows that the land they saw invaded by fiends was Minkai, that the man they saw murdered by the jade warrior was Emperoress Korra Shigure of Minkai, the last Avatar and Water Element Master, who brought together the nations of Tian to peace. They know that Chang Kaijitsu’s true family name is Amatatsu, one of the five royal families of Minkai—indeed, the last surviving royal family. They recognize the young Tian man with the sword as Chang’s grandfather, Rokuro Kaijitsu, formerly Amatatsu Tsutoku, selling the family’s legendary sword Suishen to the Northern Ulutiun (a tribesmen from the Great Glacier) merchant named Fynn Snaevald in the city of Kalsgard to finance his family’s flight and exile.

They also know that Suishen is intelligent, and can impart much more knowledge of the Amatatsu family’s legacy if recovered. Further, they know that Chang himself is the heir of his line and the reincarration of the Avatar, The Jade Avatar. Finally, they know all of the powers and abilities of both the Amatatsu Seal and its warding box— including the danger of leaving the warding box open, which would allow the enemies, his grandfather spoke of in his letter, to once more track the Amatatsu Seal.

Tavern in Flames

The group, composed of Xedeti, Gravel and Chang after rescuing the halfling snake breeder, asked him if he knew where to find the goblin village. He instructed them that since he was in no shape to travel to seek out a young local witch named Din. At that same time a northern dwarf named Durson had approached the cottage looking for directions as well to the goblins as he had also heard of the bounty on goblin ears.

The group found the two in the witch’s small cottage on the edge of the marsh lands. The witch did indeed know of the old fishing trail that could lead to the goblins village and had also heard of the increased goblin attacks. Now, with a bounty on ears, the witch and her dwarven companion chose to gear up for the adventure themselves. They showed the other three to the trail and followed it to the village.

Gravel:I have heard of witches but have never came across one and the dwarf with his bang stick.. i would swear he has some gnome in him.

Once there, it seemed abandoned. They approached cautiously, and once inside they found the goblins in wait. A massive battle ensued (big battle), the goblins on the ground were unable to resist the onslaught the ones on the bridge were troubling.. as gravel was climbing to engage them he was struck by two arrows causing him to fall. the tiny dragon blew her breath weapon sending a burst of flames up to the rope bridge and setting it ablaze. This collapsed the bridge sending the remaining two goblins plummeting to the ground. The rest of the group finished them off in quick order.

The group then searched the village, collected ears and the head of the goblin chief and started back off to Irongate to collect rewards. In one chest the goblins had hidden, they found a shipment intended for a Tigerhands Maatsura in Irongate, and they chose to finish the delivery.

Once in Irongate, the group first stopped in town hall to collect rewards for the goblin ears and the chief’s head. Marshall Willow was most pleased. All of a sudden, a huge explosion was heard from outside. The group ran to the door and saw that down the street, the Inn of the Rusty Katana was missing the front half of its building. Smoke and fire blazed from the remaining portion and bodies laid strewn about its wreckage.

The group helped the Iron guard as best as they could, but as they approached the smoldering building, they could feel a cold, evil energy emanating from the center of the blast area. As they entered the death zone to search for survivors, the bodies rose up as undead. Chang had made his way to the second level by then and found the body of his father’s personal assistant and longtime friend, Tsutamu, lying dead on the ground with Rikimaru’s wakazashi in hand. He was not dead from the explosion or fire, but from sword wounds. The cold energy soon emanated into the top level and Tsutamu rose in undead state to attack Chang.

The group, with the help of the Iron guard, soon dispatched all the undead. They found while investigating Tsutamu that the hilt of Chang’s father’s sword, Whispering Strike, held a secret compartment with a letter rolled inside.

It read:

“Rikimaru. My son, my heir. You know now that I have kept secrets from you. You were always a perceptive son, and while you may not understand my reasons for secrecy, I hope that you realize it was necessary. Know that I was not angry with you for opening the warding box- I was angry with myself for withholding the truth from you and forcing you to seek out what I should have given to you. The words I spoke to you were from anger with myself, and it shames me to think of them now. Your appearance startled me, but you are still my son and I write this note as an apology. I also humbly beg you to leave the secrets of our family to history.

The next few days will be the most important I have faced in many years. If our family’s enemies have, as I hope, forgotten us, I shall reunite with you and your child, and your mother and I shall reveal the full truth to you. But, if they still seek the contents of the warding box, I fear that I may not speak to you again. The box holds our family’s greatest treasure, the future of Tian Xia and the secret to your child’s ki, so I have returned it to Kortun’s care and it shall remain hidden in the secret third vault under our manor, obscured from our enemies. I hope and pray I will not grant our foes the satisfaction of killing me themselves. If it comes to it, let death, by my own hand, be my final act to protect you and my grandchild, so that our enemies believe our line ended.

I have instructed Tsutamu to deliver this message to you in Irongate only should I fail to return as I hope to. If I can, I will reveal all to you myself. If I cannot, this final missive from a father to a son must suffice as an apology in place of an explanation, and you must destroy this letter, flee to the south and never return to Telflamm. If our enemies find what I have hidden, there will be nothing here for you. If they do not, they will lie in wait forever for your return.

I hope to see you again soon, my son. But my heart tells me I will not. I am sorry to have failed you. But I am proud of you, and I know you will survive this old man’s shame. You are strong, and you must remain so. For if you are reading this and I am gone, know that our enemies will never stop searching for us, and that is why I cannot reveal the truth to you until I know there is no chance of them finding us again.

Rokuro Kaijitsu”

On the back of this letter, Chang noticed a watermark which held a map of the city of Telflamm, and at its center was marked the site of Rokuro’s manor. They decided to first sell off the goods and deliver the other belongings to Tigerhands before going any further with the investigation. The Ironguards told them that a witness, named Sandru, was being treated at a local temple and they should talk with him later in the day.

Sandru just happened to be Gravel’s former employer and had been seeking out the dwarf to catch up and have a drink. They met with him as he recovered in the temple of Tyr. They discussed what Sandru Vhiski had seen and he told them that as he approached the tavern, he saw an individual that matched the description of Rikimaru fighting with multiple individuals inside the tavern. As Sandru approached, he felt a cold energy expand from within the tavern, then the whole place went up in a ball of flames.

Chang told Sandru of the need to go to Telflamm and knew that Sandru’s caravan had intended that city as its next destination. Sandru welcome the extra help and company along the journey to the far-off city, and soon the caravan set off.

The long journey took more than a month’s time, but was otherwise routine and uneventful for the group of travelers. They did get to know the relationships of each other (see individuals bio’s) and once they arrived in the city of Telflamm, they headed off for Chang’s grandfather’s manor.

Once there, they entered and found that a dead servant lied just inside the door, cut down by swords. He appeared to have been dead for at least a week. Throughout the manor they found more dead servants and guards, and ultimately, the vault entrance.

Goblins a foot!


The Rusty Katana has been a local favorite of the population of Irongate for many years. Its owner is a mysterious indiviual and local hero, Rikimaru. One of the Steel Vangaurd, a group of retired adventures who helped to tame the lands of the Shaar and establish Irongate city.

Rikimaru tends to his tavern with infrequent care and leaves most of its day to day duties to his trusted barkeep and friend from Tian Xia, Tsutamu. Rikimaru’s son, Chang, also helps with some odd jobs around the bar, but Chang Kijitsu has chosen to devote his life to his Mother’s monastic order and his time is spent practicing his kata and channeling his Ki.

Chang, one morning while helping to open his father’s tavern, he began to disscuss a recent posting on the tavern’s help wanted poster.

Two Irongate friends of his, a young gold dragon, Xedetiaurumin’ambermoon (Xedeti for short) and a young dwarf, Gravel Stonebreaker have expressed a wish to look into the adventure of chasing down some goblins that have been spotted on the outskirts of town.

“The goblin bounty has been placed by the Irongate Authority, Marshall Willow. The price of 10 gp for every relatively fresh goblin ear delivered to the town hall—with an additional reward of 300 gp for the group who can bring in the head of the Licktoads’ leader, Chief Gutwad.”

The three decide that this endeavor might need additional help and so asked a local Elven Ranger, Kyonin, to assist.

The elven ranger has been out near the area the goblins have been raiding and suggests they seek out a local snake breeder on the edge of the swamp. If anyone knows his way around in the marsh, it’d be that old eccentric half ling Walthus Proudstump, the self appointed “warden” of the swamp.

They venture into the marsh and find the old fishing trail to Walthus’s shack. There they meet with the halfling, but find his behavioru very odd. He urges them to leave at once, but as they exit his home, Gravel notices blood sepping down from the 2nd stories floor boards. They turn to confront the halfling, but his appearnce suddenly changes and he drops his skin off to reveal a hideous creature that attacks them. With a few quick kung fu chops from Chang, a spell release from Xedeti the dragon and a chop from the young dwarf Gravel. They took down the beast.


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