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Goblins a foot!


The Rusty Katana has been a local favorite of the population of Irongate for many years. Its owner is a mysterious indiviual and local hero, Rikimaru. One of the Steel Vangaurd, a group of retired adventures who helped to tame the lands of the Shaar and establish Irongate city.

Rikimaru tends to his tavern with infrequent care and leaves most of its day to day duties to his trusted barkeep and friend from Tian Xia, Tsutamu. Rikimaru’s son, Chang, also helps with some odd jobs around the bar, but Chang Kijitsu has chosen to devote his life to his Mother’s monastic order and his time is spent practicing his kata and channeling his Ki.

Chang, one morning while helping to open his father’s tavern, he began to disscuss a recent posting on the tavern’s help wanted poster.

Two Irongate friends of his, a young gold dragon, Xedetiaurumin’ambermoon (Xedeti for short) and a young dwarf, Gravel Stonebreaker have expressed a wish to look into the adventure of chasing down some goblins that have been spotted on the outskirts of town.

“The goblin bounty has been placed by the Irongate Authority, Marshall Willow. The price of 10 gp for every relatively fresh goblin ear delivered to the town hall—with an additional reward of 300 gp for the group who can bring in the head of the Licktoads’ leader, Chief Gutwad.”

The three decide that this endeavor might need additional help and so asked a local Elven Ranger, Kyonin, to assist.

The elven ranger has been out near the area the goblins have been raiding and suggests they seek out a local snake breeder on the edge of the swamp. If anyone knows his way around in the marsh, it’d be that old eccentric half ling Walthus Proudstump, the self appointed “warden” of the swamp.

They venture into the marsh and find the old fishing trail to Walthus’s shack. There they meet with the halfling, but find his behavioru very odd. He urges them to leave at once, but as they exit his home, Gravel notices blood sepping down from the 2nd stories floor boards. They turn to confront the halfling, but his appearnce suddenly changes and he drops his skin off to reveal a hideous creature that attacks them. With a few quick kung fu chops from Chang, a spell release from Xedeti the dragon and a chop from the young dwarf Gravel. They took down the beast.



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