Chosen of Azuth
This Class can be taken by any spellcaster. A Chosen of Azuth uses the character’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here. A Chosen of Azuth has its power at the will of Azuth, should the Master of Mages decide to remove Chosen status from the character, it reverts back to its original abilities.

Alignment: Same as the character.
Immunities (Ex): The Chosen of Azuth are immune to aging, disease, disintegration and poison. They have no need of sleep (although they must rest normally in order to prepare spells).
Rapid Preparation (Sp): An Chosen of Azuth needs only 10 minutes to prepare spells instead of an hour.

Lord of Spells (Sp): When counter spelling an enemy spellcaster, instead of sacrificing an equal-level spell to counter spell the enemy’s spell, the Chosen of Azuth can instead choose to sacrifice an equal amount of spells to that spell level. For example, a Chosen could sacrifice a Magic Missile (level 1) and an Acid Arrow (level 2) to counter spell a Fireball (level 3) instead of sacrificing his memorized Haste spell (level 3).

Spell Power (Su): This ability increases the DC for saving throws and caster level checks by the chosen level (not character level) for any spell that a Chosen of Azuth may cast.
Bonus Spells (Sp): A Chosen of Azuth gains one bonus spell of each spell level 1st through 9th per day, which can be used as a spell like ability. Once these spells are selected, they can never be changed.

Level Special – Azuth
1 +2 Int, +2 Wis, +2 Spellcraft, Spell Power, Bonus Spells
2 +2 Int, +3 Spellcraft, Lord of Spells
3 +2 Wis, Rapid Preparation, +2 Spellcraft
4 +2 Int, +2 Wis, Fly 1/day, True Seeing 1/day, +3 Spellcraft


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