Chosen of Bhaal

A chosen of Bhaal retains all special qualities of the character and gain the following.

Alignment: Always either lawful evil or neutral evil.

Immunities (Ex): The chosen of Bhaal is immune to death effects and mind affects.

Immortality (Ex): Chosen of Bhaal is naturally immortal and cannot die from natural causes. Chosen do not age, and they do not need to eat, sleep, or breathe. The only way for a Chosen to die is through special circumstances, usually by being slain in magical or physical combat.

Sneak Attack: The chosen gains the ability to use a sneak attack as a rogue of equal level. If the chosen already has sneak attack, he gains an additional 1d6 to damage.

Death Attack Improve: If the chosen has the death attack ability, Bhaal grants them a special boon: They only require 1 round of studying before making the attack opposed to the normal 3. Note that this does not grant the death attack ability.

Slayer Change (Su): Bhaal grants his chosen an ability available to Bhaal’s offspring (the bhaalspawn) called the slayer change. As a standard action the chosen may undergo a transformation which grants them +4 natural armor, +4 strength, and a 1d10 claw attack. In this form the chosen loses one constitution point per round. As a standard action they can change back into their original form (the do not lose con the same round). If they do not return to normal form before they run out of constitution they die. If brought back to life they permanently lose this ability. This constitution loss remains throughout the encounter, after which the chosen regains it at a rate of 1 per hour. It cannot be regained by any other means.

Undetectable (Su): The chosen of Bhaal is aware if someone is attempting to scry him, and can if he chooses be undetectable to this scrying.

Call Servant (Su): Once a month the Chosen can summon a Fiendish Invisible Stalker of 12 hit dice to do a task at hand, the duration of the “summoning” lasts for as long as it takes the Invisible Stalker to finish the task given or until it is impossible to comply this. Even if you are in a following month, u can only have 1 Invisible Stalker active at one time.

Level Special – Bhaal
1 +2 Str, Invisibility 4/day, Sneak Attack, Undetectable
2 +2 Dex, Unholy Aura 3/day, Death Attack Improve
3 +2 Wis, Desecrate 2/day, Slayer Change
4 + 2 Dex, Power Word, Kill 1/day, Damage Reduction (Ex): 5/Cold Iron, Call Servant


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