Chosen of Brandobaris
Brandobaris has allowed his chosen a small amount of power from himself. Only those who have tested their luck and have allowed themselves to enter into danger without any question will have a chance at becoming a Chosen of Brandobaris

A Chosen of Brandobaris retains all special qualities of the character and also gains the following.

Immunities (Ex): A Chosen of Brandobaris is immune to aging effects and does not age. Bonuses still accrue, and the Chosen still dies of old age.

Divine Saves: Chosen receive a +2 divine bonus to all saves.

Divine Skills: Chosen can always take a 10 on Disable Device, even under pressure.

Rogues Feats: Chosen receive Skill Focus (+3) to all rogue skills. Also a Chosen can use Hide in plain sight 2/day.

Level Special – Brandobaris
1 + 2 Dex, + 2 Int, Detect Secret Doors, Rogues Feats
2 + 2 Cha, Disguise self, Divine Saves
3 + 2 Dex,+ 2 Int, Expeditious Retreat
4 + 2 Cha, Invisibility, Divine Skills


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