Chosen of Tempus

A Chosen of Tempus uses all the base character’s statistics and special abilities except as noted. A Chosen of Tempus only has its power at the will of Tempus; should the Foehammer decide to remove Chosen status from a character, he or she reverts to their old abilities.

There is no victory without battle. While other divine powers would keep Faerun simmering with strife and rift with political intrigue; the Chosen of Tempus acts to bring these various trouble spots into open battle or war to resolve the issues and allow the people to grow strong for the next battle.

The Chosen of Tempus is a wanderer, traveling to the simmering hot spots throughout Faerun and turning up the heat. Devout followers will always find a help helping hand ready to aid them in reaching their potential as a warrior and leader.

Alignment: Any Chaotic.

Immune: The chosen is immune to aging and its affects. He is also immune to all mind affecting, compulsion, poisons and death effects.

Battle Tested: Any slashing weapon held by the chosen is considered keen.

Tempus’s blessing (Ex): The chosen has been bestowed Tempus’s blessing which is equivalent to Frightful presence: Enemies within 20’ per level suffer the effects if they have fewer levels then the chosen.

Stoke the fires (Su): The Chosen of the Foehammer can feel pending battle in their bones. A chosen of Tempus can extend his senses to determine the best place to strike the enemy when engaged in combat. Companions of the chosen receive the following benefits within the area of the chosen’s vocal commands; they suffer no adverse morale reactions or presences attacks and receive +2 to hit, damage, saves and AC when battling within the designated area.

Tip of the spear (Ex): When the chosen enters battle first he gains a +1 to attack and damage for the entire encounter as long as he is the first to attack. Tip of the spear allows the chosen to gain Improved Initiative feat.

Warhorse: The Chosen of Tempus gains a warhorse equal to a Paladin’s mount of equal level.

Level Special – Tempus
1 +2 Con, +2 Str, Remove fear 3/day, Battle Tested
2 +2 Con, +2 Cha, Aid 3/day, 5 cold resistance, Stoke the fires
3 +2 Con, +2 Str, 5 fire resistance, +2 Intimidate, Tempus’s blessing
4 +2 Con, +2 Cha, Damage Reduction 5/ranged weapon


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